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typ_cit typ_freq_abs typ_inf_abs
verblüfft 500 1852
Schätzungen 500 3998
vertraulich 499 2094
Verurteilten 499 1564
Scheitel 499 1836
verkennen 498 1852
einschließt 498 1140
Versenkung 497 1410
Vertreters 496 1410
schwebenden 496 1099
schritten 496 1027
Stadttheater 492 1322
Schinken 492 1836
Schönes 491 1246
auszunutzen 491 1071
verweigerte 489 2094
verehrte 489 1136
Staatsvertrag 489 1278
aufgegriffen 489 1028
aufgeführten 489 1028

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48 columns in table /kern/typ

ColumnDescriptionData typeUser documentation
typ_cit String case-sensitive
typ_len int
typ_syls_cit String case-insensitive
typ_syls_cnt int
typ_freq_abs int
typ_freq_nor float
typ_freq_rank float
typ_div_con_abs int
typ_div_con_nor float
typ_div_con_rank float
typ_fam_abs int
typ_fam_nor float
typ_fam_rank float
typ_inf_abs int
typ_inf_nor float
typ_inf_rank float
typ_uniq_orth_strict_pos int
typ_uniq_orth_strict_neg int
typ_uniq_lemma_strict_pos int
typ_uniq_lemma_strict_neg int
typ_pia_avgcondprob_bigr float
typ_pia_avginfcont_bigr float
typ_pia_avgcondprob_trigr float
typ_pia_avginfcont_trigr float
typ_nei_col_hf_cumfreq_abs int
typ_nei_col_hf_cumfreq_nor float
typ_nei_col_hf_cumfreq_rank float
typ_nei_col_hf_cnt_abs int
typ_nei_col_hf_cnt_nor float
typ_nei_col_hf_cnt_rank float
typ_nei_col_all_cumfreq_abs int
typ_nei_col_all_cumfreq_nor float
typ_nei_col_all_cumfreq_rank float
typ_nei_col_all_cnt_abs int
typ_nei_col_all_cnt_nor float
typ_nei_col_all_cnt_rank float
typ_nei_lev_hf_cumfreq_abs int
typ_nei_lev_hf_cumfreq_nor float
typ_nei_lev_hf_cumfreq_rank float
typ_nei_lev_hf_cnt_abs int
typ_nei_lev_hf_cnt_nor float
typ_nei_lev_hf_cnt_rank float
typ_nei_lev_all_cumfreq_abs int
typ_nei_lev_all_cumfreq_nor float
typ_nei_lev_all_cumfreq_rank float
typ_nei_lev_all_cnt_abs int
typ_nei_lev_all_cnt_nor float
typ_nei_lev_all_cnt_rank float

Selecting columns

By default, only one or several default columns are displayed (e.g., the type). To select more columns, use the select parameter:


If using select, the default columns are discarded unless you include them manually.

The default column selection is subject to change. Don't rely on it in your application!



The default sort order is subject to change. Don't rely on it in your application!

Limit and offset




All query parameters of the form COL__OP (two underscores), where COL is a column name and OP is an operator, will be interpreted as filter conditions.

Operators are:

eqequals (for numbers or strings, case-sensitive)
eqiequals (for strings, case-insensitive)
reregular expression match (for strings, case-sensitive)
reiregular expression match (for strings, case-insensitive)
gegreater or equal (for numbers)
leless or equal (for numbers)

Multiple filters on the same field using the same operator are not allowed. One of them would be chosen randomly while the others are discarded.

Case-insensitive string fields can be queried with either the eq or the eqi operator without difference.